2023 JP Griffon Memorial Fishing Tournament On-Line Registration

Registration Limited to the first 250 Anglers!

Register your Team with the Blue Buttons NOW! (or scroll down the page for detailed instructions)

How to Register On-Line (for additional info, see the FAQ page)

Returning or Pre-approved Teams:
1)  Be sure you have thoroughly read through the following links:

2)  Type in your Team Name from after you click on the "REGISTER AN EXISTING TEAM"  button above.  Note: You will need last years "Team E-mail" address to access your Team information. (If your Team is not in the pull down menu, see the instructions below for entering a new Team)


3)  Input and make any changes to your team and angler information.  All data blanks with a (*) are required.  It is easiest if the Captain coordinates your team's entry, handles your registration, and pays all the entry fees, but individuals can pay later if desired.  Check the box(es) for the Angler(s) you wish to pay for at this time, and confirm the total to be paid now. You may pay for as few or as many anglers at this time as you wish, but your Teams registration will not be complete until all anglers have paid.  Check the box to "I would like to pay this amount by credit card now"...(unless you will be mailing a check) and enter your credit card information (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AE). Check the Indemnity/Rules agreement box and click the "Register this Team to Tournament" button. Done. 


4)  A notice will pop up confirming the registration and listing the Anglers names that were registered, amount paid. (and a snail mail address for pay by check entries)  An e-mail will be sent to the Team E-Mail address with the same information.  You will not be able to return to the Team Registration page after you have registered the Team.  If you need to make Team info changes later, send an email to TheJPGMFT@gmail.com and describe in detail what you need changed.  Individual angler data may be changed any time, once they are registered.


5)  Notify your unpaid Anglers they must complete their registration/payment by navigating to this Registration Page and clicking the "Register/Pay/Edit for an individual angler joining a registered Team" button.  Individuals may not register until their Team has been registered into the system.

New Teams:


If your team is NOT listed in the "Existing Teams" list, or not already n the "View currently registered teams" pull down list above, and you are new (or returning) to the tournament and wish to enter, you will need to send an email requesting an invitation for entry to TheJPGMFT@gmail.com.   The JP Griffon Memorial Fishing Tournament is an invitational tournament, and due to reduced capacity at the Pavilion we are capping entries at 250 anglers so new entries will be LIMITED.  Please include the following information in your email request:

  • Team Name (subject to approval and availability)
  • Team Captain's Name (you)
  • Your relationship to the Tournament, or previous participation
  • A "Team email" address (this will be your password if your Team is accepted)
  • Names of your other three anglers (optional)
  • Your preferred Tournament Division (Guided or Hardware)

Any New Teams denied entry in the Tournament will be notified by email and no payment will be due, nor accepted.



Are we all paid up:

  • You can now easily view each INDIVIDUAL's payment status by clicking on this link,  "2023 Registration Roster with Payment Status", or by selecting the same page in the Tournament Fast Links list. There you will see all the registered Teams so far plus every registered anglers payment status.  Click on the column headings to group or alphabetise the lists.


Team Name Change:


If you want to change your current Team Name, you must first complete your registration under your existing Team Name as described above.  After you have paid, and your Team in entered, send an email to TheJPGMFT@gmail.com, with the caption "Name Change" on the subject line.  Include in the body of the email your Old Team Name and the New Team Name requested, and we will get you fixed up.  Team Names used in the past 10 years will not be allowed unless you were on that Team.

Registration Reminders and Tips

  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the "Team Phone and "Team E-mail" you enter during registration are valid for reaching you during the tournament in Port Mansfield.  Your "Team E-mail" is your unlock code to register your Team.
  • Only Share your Team E-Mail with your team mates!
  • Please ensure your email is entered correctly when registering to avoid delays in processing.
  • All required fields (*) must be completed before your registration form will be accepted.
  • If you are registering/paying for less than 4 anglers, uncheck the "Pay now for this Angler" box for those who will pay later. If a listed Angler will not be fishing this year you can check the "Reset this Angler" box to remove him from this tournament and leave the spot blank.  If a replacement Angler will be taking the spot, he may Register/Pay through the Individual Angler button.  Unpaid or new anglers can and add themselves later from the Individual Angler Register/Pay Button.
  • Returning Anglers should be in the drop down menu after they click the "Register/Pay for an Individual Angler Joining a Registered Team" button.  New Anglers or returning Anglers not in the drop down can enter their personal information by selecting "New Angler" choice in the drop down. Returning individuals will need the email address associated with their profile to join their Team.  Please search for your name before entering as "new" to avoid duplicates!
  • Please verify that any pre-filled data is current and correct when registering.
  • Anglers under 21 years of age as of the first fishing day of the Tournament must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


 Click here to refresh this page in your browser to see the latest information.

Forgot our Team E-mail

  • Check with your Captain or team mates first to see if they have your team email.
  • If you can'l locate or remember your Team E-mail address send an email to the following link, TheJPGMFT@gmail.com including your name and Team Name,  For security reasons the email address will be sent to the Team Captain on file.
  • This mail box is not monitored 24/7 so your response may be delayed.  

Entry Fees and Deadline

On-line REGISTRATION entry fee is $175.00 per angler.
LATE entry fee (After May 16, 2023)  is $225.00 per angler.


Awards for the big fish categories in the Hardware and Guided Divisions will be $100.00 for the largest redfish and flounder caught on each day of the tournament. Plaques will be awarded for the overall (two day), top three fish from each species in each division.

First, second and third place plaques will be given to each team member in the Hardware and Guided Divisions for the overall (two day), team stringer.

This tournament ended on

May 20, 2023

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Tournament Stats

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Tournament Info

2023 JP Griffon Memorial Fishing Tournament
May 19, 2023

Tournament Contact:
Robert Griffon

Tournament Boundary Map


Just click on the map and scroll around.  You can pan (click and drag), zoom (mouse thumbwheel), and add the Google Earth image by clicking the Satellite box in the lower left corner.  Click the menu icon to snap straight to the selected Boundary. 



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