2022 JP Griffon Memorial Fishing Tournament Live Results


Guided Division Results


Guided Division Flounder

Tie on weight for 2nd place Flounder, Guided at 2lbs 5 oz goes to Manchaca, Friday (17 5/8") over Prihoda Saturday(16 7/8")



Guided Division Redfish

Tie for 1st Place Guided, Red on weight 7lbs 12ozs goes to Barinieu, Sat (27 7/8)" over Kelledy, Fri (27 5/8")  Days show reversed to overide the time sort.






Guided Division Stringer


Hardware Division Results


Hardware Division Flounder



Hardware Division Redfish

Their was a correction to order of finish for Friday, Hardware, Redfish.


Tie on overall 2nd for weight 7lbs 13oz  goes to length, Haines 28" (Craigin  27 3/4").







Hardware Division Stringer


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