Registration Tips and FAQ

Tips on Registration

  • If you are on this must be stuck.  Here are some tips that may help you get finished....
  • Returning Teams from 2014 to the present are automatically pre-approved.  New Teams (or returning teams from before 2014) must email "" and get pre-approved status. See details below.
  • There are detailed instructions on how to register/pay on the Registration page, just scroll down on that page.
  • Below are some Q&A's that may also help you. Scroll down on this page to see more...

Who was JP Griffon?

Should I use the Team or Individual Entry Form?

  • The first attempt to Register a Team, must be done from the Team Registration form, and must include at least one Angler, preferably the Team Captain.  Complete or partial payment can be made on-line during the Team Registration, and any unpaid anglers must access the website and join their Team and pay at a later time.
  • If you are the Team Captain and you know; all of your Anglers', emails, phone numbers and shirt sizes, entering all four Anglers at once is, by far, the fastest way to register a Team, and full payment can be made by credit card at that time.
  • Some or all of the Team and Individual information may already be in the data base when you pull up your Team (depends on how well you filled out the forms last year).  Please make sure the data displayed is current ESPECIALLY E-MAIL Address & Cell Phone Number.
  • If you do not have all of the required information for any of your Anglers, you will need to uncheck the box that says  "Pay now for this Angler to the Tournament" . Those Anglers will then be able to register individually at a later time using the "Register/Pay for an Individual Angler joining a Registered Team" button.
  • IMPORTANT: See the section on this page regarding Team E-mail!

Can we make changes after we are registered? UPDATED 3/28/21

  • Yes, but to change Team information, you will now need to send us an email stating what Team info you need changed and we will handle it for you. Click this link to send an email....We need to change...
  • You may still add, pay or edit any individual angler information directly from the website.
  • To change individual angler information, you can easily access your personal data through the "Register/Edit/Pay for an Individual Angler on a Registered Team" button.  Just click that button, select your Team and click your name.  You will see an "Edit Angler" button.
  • If you don't see your name, you can register to your team from the same place.

I have completed my registration on-line. Now what?

  • The owner of the Team E-mail address will receive an email acknowledgement of the Team registration, and which anglers were selected to be registered/paid.  That email will also contain a mailing address for anyone wishing to pay by check.  If you don't see the Registration Confirmation email in your Inbox, check your spam filter or junk folder.  Multi-recipient emails sometime get snagged.  (Add the sender and/or domain as an approved address in your email program to prevent further filtering.)
  • If you pay by credit card on-line (preferred), you will see a Thank You message window during checkout, and receive an Registration Confirmation email indicating the amount paid and which anglers the payment covers, plus a seperate emailed receipt
  • If you prefer to pay by check, the Payee info and mailing address are shown on the message window and in the confirmation email you will get after registration
  • Notify your unpaid anglers (if any) to access the website and register/pay using the "Register/Pay/Edit for an Individual Angler joining a Registered Team" button.
  • Individual anglers, who register and pay later, will get a similar Thank you for Registering, message, Registration Confirmation email and CC Receipt email.
  • Your Team's Registration is not complete until all Anglers have Paid. 

How do I make sure I am getting the latest updates and notices from the Tournament?

  • Be sure and add the domain name "" to your approved senders list in your email software and/or anti-spam/security software.  Bulk emails are frequently tagged as SPAM and some email providers and security software (McAfee, Norton, AVG, etc) may filter us out unless you add the "" domain name to your approved senders list.  If you need assistance with this, see your software's "Help" page on how to to add an approved sender.
  • You may receive emails from via
  • Tip:  Look in your Junk or Spam folder to see if any previous messages from us have been snagged.

How does a NEW TEAM get an invitation to the Tournament?

  • The JPGMFT is an Invitational Tournament.  New Teams are allowed on a space available basis and subject to the approval of the JPGMFT Board of Directors.
  • New Teams should contact a Board Member ahead of time to make sure there is space available and get a nod before attempting to Register.
  • If you are a brand new team to the JP Griffon Tournament you will need to send an email to "" with the following information: Team Name, Team E-mail, Captains Name, Captains E-mail, Anglers Names and emails (Anglers optional, but will be faster) and your preferred division.  Include any connection you may have to the Tournament (previous participant, referring person or Director, etc.)
  • Team E-mail is important for two reasons: see the Team E-mail Section below.
  • After you submit your email request we will review your information and send you an email that you have been approved or declined.  This may take a couple days.
  • If you are approved, we will also add your basic Team information (from above) to the system, and you will be able to access and complete your registration as a pre-approved team.
  • If you are declined for any reason, you will be notified by email and no registration fees will be collected.  Do not attempt to pay until you are approved.

What Credit Cards do you accept?

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover!

Are we paid up? UPDATED 3/28/2021

  • You can now view your TEAM's payment status by clicking on the Fast Link to the "Registration Roster w/Individual Payment Status" page.  There you can see a list of the registered teams and a list of all registered anglers and the amount paid for each.  You can reorder the list any way you want!
  • If you are still unsure of your payment status, or something is not as you expected, send an email by clicking this link,, with the caption "Is our Team paid up?" on the subject line.
  • Include in the body of the email your Team Name and we will get back to you within a day or two.  Please allow a day or so for payments to be processed before requesting your status.

Team E-mail

Your "Team E-mail" entry is important for two reasons"

  • 1) The Team E-mail address entered should be an address that is accessible by at least one of your Team members, by mobile device (preferably the Team Captain)  while in Port Mansfield,  This is so we can reach you with important updates, questions, weather warnings etc.
  • 2) Your Team E-mail address doubles as the un-lock "code" for you, or any of your team mates, to access your Team Entry Page.  Without this "code" no one can alter or view your Team Information!
  • Make a note of what your Team E-mail is, and remember it.  You will need it again.
  • Team Captains: you may keep the Team E-mail confidential so that your team members have to contact you to register the Team, if you wish.
  • Team E-mail IS NOT required for an individual angler to join a partial pre-registered Team, as long as there is space available on the team.

Can we add a photo or logo to our Team profile?

  • Yes.  You can send (only 1) JPG image attachment in an email by clicking this link: to be appended to your Team profile, and it will appear on the Roster pages and other places within the Website.
  • Title your image with your Team Name
  • Make sure and include your Team Name in the email 
  • Inappropriate images will not be posted

I forgot our Team E-mail address

  • First, check with your team mates to see if any of them know it.
  • If you still can't figure it out, send an email to and put "Forgot our Team E-mail" on the subject line.
  • Give us your Team name and the Team Captain's name, and we will send the code to the Team Captain.

Can I change our Team Name this year?

  • Yes, but you need to complete the registration form under the current Team Name and get everyone paid up first.
  • After you are paid up just send an email to with "Request Name Change" on the subject line.  Give us your old Team Name and your requested New Team Name and we will take care of it.
  • Team names used in the last four years may not be re-used (unless it was yours) and we will let you know if you need to pick something else..

Can we split our Team into 2 Divisions?

  • No

Can we enter a 5 man Team?

  • The JPGMFT is set up to run in a 4 man Team format to encourage fair competition
  • Although discouraged, we have allowed 5 man Teams, by exception and with Directors approval, provided the following conditions are met:
  • A 5 man Team may only enter the Guided Division.
  • The 5th man replaces the Guide, and his fish may NOT be added to the Team Stringer (same as a Guide).
  • The 5th man must pay a registration fee.
  • The 5th man is eligible to enter any fish he catches in the Guided Division Big Fish categories (provided he is not a professional guide).

When does Registration end?

  • Please get your registration complete as early as possible.  It helps us with meal planning and other arrangements.
  • Early registration ($175/angler Entry Fee) period ends at 11:59 PM, on May 11, 2021.
  • All Registration after that will be increased to $225/angler.
  • Changes and Edits to your Team Registration can be made by email until midnight Wednesday.  After that point,  last minute changes must be made by the Tournament Administrators at the Captains Meeting Thursday night before the Tournament. (no charge)
  • The Team Entries are locked after the Captains Meeting.

I need help beyond what is offered here?

  • If you need additional help on an issue regarding registration that is not covered here, or to report a problem with the Website, send an email to detailing your question or problem and we will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

2021 JP Griffon Tournament

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May 15, 2021

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2021 JP Griffon Memorial Fishing Tournament
May 14, 2021

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Robert Griffon

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