Guided Division Rules Supplement










(see the General Tournament Rules Page for additional rules)



Each team in the Guided Division will be composed of up to four anglers and a professional guide. Each team is responsible for booking and paying for their guide. Trophies will be awarded to the first through third place Guided Division teams (each member and guide) and first through third place in the Guided Division big fish categories. All the rules for the Guided Division are the same as in the regular tournament with these exceptions:



1) Teams in the Guided Division will be composed of up to, but no more than four anglers and one guide. (5 maximum)


2)  ARTIFICIAL LURES ONLY! Exception*(Anglers 65 years or older may fish with live shrimp (NO CUT BAIT, LIVE FINFISH OR CROAKERS ALLOWED)


3) The guide cannot contribute fish to the Team's Stringer.  No Guide's fish allowed.


4) The teams fishing in the Guided Division will weigh their heaviest combination of up to FIVE legal speckled trout, up to THREE legal redfish and up to TWO legal flounder. The combined stringer may only contain a maximum of two speckled trout 25 inches long or longer, per day.


5) The big fish categories in the Guided Division, (trophies) will be awarded to the amateur angler for first, second and third place trout, redfish and flounder. (No guide's fish allowed).


6) Anyone fishing in the Guided Division is not eligible to compete or enter in the Open or Hardware Division.

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